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Invest in Yourself

Understand who you are, your experiences and how they have shaped you.
Move forward and live your best life!

Erin Jones, LCSW, therapist and Premier Consultant of e.Piphany Concepts. She possesses well over a decade of experience as a Therapist, Speaker, and Consultant offering services to people and organizations navigating challenging times.

She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. Erin's specialties include grief and loss, depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders and navigating life changes utilizing a person-centered and solution-focused approach. Her counseling style is conversational, open, and greets you with unconditional positive regard, which works to empower you to pursue and achieve the goals you have set in your sessions.

Erin is also an accomplished speaker having provided these services in a myriad of conferences, colleges and universities, as a panelist, podcast guest and facilitator in government settings. She engages her audience with her personable, energetic and relatable delivery that makes for an interesting exchange, allowing participants to

leave the experience with a wealth of knowledge and having had a great time learning.


Please contact Erin to check her availability for the services

you may need today!

Erin Jones


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678.266.2750  (office)

678.210.6818 (therapy appointments)

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